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“Турбулентность, Made in Ukraine”

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) arrested Igor Kolomoisky. He is accused of illegally transferring over 500 million hryvnias abroad between 2013 and 2020. Kolomoisky is the president of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine, vice-president of the Football Federation of Ukraine, former head and member of the European Council of Jewish Communities, president of the European Jewish Union (EJU), and the founder of PrivatBank, the largest bank in Ukraine with over 22 million clients. What is happening, what are the versions?

Version 1: Democrats are retaliating against Kolomoisky for helping Republicans compromise Biden’s son.
In the past, when he was conspiring against Poroshenko and promoting Zelensky for the presidency, Kolomoisky contacted Rudy Giuliani, a Republican, former mayor of New York, and Trump’s lawyer, and actively participated in gathering compromising materials on Joe Biden and his son Hunter in Ukraine. Interestingly, in 2019, Giuliani demanded the arrest of Kolomoisky, but later they apparently started collaborating.

Version 2: Biden is retaliating against Kolomoisky for publishing his conversation with Poroshenko.
In a phone conversation that took place in 2016, according to the published recording, between Poroshenko and Biden, the latter said, “Kolomoisky is a pain in the ass and a problem for everyone.” The publication of the conversation almost cost Biden his career. It is possible that the pressure and arrest are personal revenge.

Version 3: Zelensky’s office is clearing the political field of any potential risks before the 2024 elections.
Zelensky still hopes to hold the presidential elections in the spring of 2024, but the rampant corruption is hampering the growth of his ratings. “Enough corruption!” - demand his allies in the West and ordinary Ukrainians, especially those whose loved ones are dying on the front lines. The arrest of an oligarch who was involved in Zelensky’s rise to power should, in theory, reduce the intensity of tensions in society. Kolomoisky is a symbol of corruption and the dominance of big business in Ukraine. And Zelensky promised to de-oligarchize Ukraine during his presidential campaign in 2019.

Version 4: Zelensky pays for rudeness with betrayal by a friend.
In July, Zelensky criticized the US position on Ukraine’s NATO membership, which, according to The Washington Post, angered the White House. Zel

Version 7: The global oligarchy destroys the national oligarchy. According to Rostislav Ishchenko and Valery Pekin, representing global oligarchic capital on the territory of Ukraine, George Soros has come into direct confrontation with national oligarchic capital in the person of Kolomoisky. Igor Valerievich tried to negotiate and bargain, but “superpowers do not negotiate with profiteers.” As a result, he is now being removed. In the near future, they will also remove Akhmetov, Pinchuk, and others.

Each version has the right to be taken seriously. In my personal opinion, all of this is true to some extent. However, not all of it is true. The main truth is that neither Kolomoisky, nor Zelensky, nor Biden, nor even Soros are the initiators of the spectacle that we, dear reader, are watching with interest. Why? Because we know and hear their names.

Who exactly conceived the conflict between Biden and Trump, decided to arrest Kolomoisky, or nominate Zelensky for a second term - neither you nor I know and will not find out. But whoever it may be - whether it is the son of the late queen, a family council of the Rothschilds’ descendants, or perhaps a tea club of the owners of diamond deposits in Angola and South Africa - they do not care at all about the fate of Ukraine, or Igor Valeryevich’s house in Ohio, or even the millions in bribes transferred from one account to another in Bank of New York for decades.

They care that the peoples of the world live in peace and harmony. In peace with them and in accordance with their rules.

To achieve this, they need to maintain the necessary level of turbulence in public consciousness on the planet. Necessary and sufficient to distract the working masses from the question, for which finding an answer without pitchforks and barricades is difficult: “Why should I work for someone else and not for myself?” The war against Kolomoisky, Biden, Soros, anti-Semites, racists, sexists, feminists, and other ills of humanity should occupy our minds in between working for the master.

Agree, reader, they - the masters - succeed in this.

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