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“Расизм на страже мирового капитала”

On May 25th, in the city of Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA), a 46-year-old dark-skinned man George Floyd, who was infected with the coronavirus, died from fentanyl-methamphetamine intoxication while trying to pay for cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill. He was detained and soon killed by a white police officer. This incident was captured by the cameras of random passersby and became the reason for mass riots across the United States under the auspices of the Black Lives Matter movement and with the slogan “I can’t breathe”. Let’s figure out why and for what purpose this happened.

Firstly, according to statistics, police officers in the United States kill about three people every day, among whom about 70% are dark-skinned. It is hard to believe that only Floyd was lucky enough to be caught on camera by “random” passersby, and only he managed to say “I can’t breathe” before his death (although, of course, this case is very indicative).

Secondly, according to statistics, police killings are decreasing every year, and African Americans are becoming their victims less frequently. According to the opinion of the Wall Street Journal, police racism is a myth.

Thirdly, according to statistics, racism in the United States is decreasing every year: in 1950, only 5% of whites approved of marriages with dark-skinned individuals, while in 2013, more than 85% had no problem with them. Against this background, it seems rather strange, for example, that the statement by Maria Zakharova, a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, that “the problem of racism in the United States has reached its peak” was made. Obviously, someone wants it to “reach its peak” while it is gradually disappearing.

Thus, it is obvious that the problem of violence based on racism does not have a systemic or nationwide character in American society. However, it is presented as a tragedy of global proportions, gathering tens of thousands of both black and white people under its black and white banners. What is the purpose of this and who benefits from it?

Without fear of repetition, I suggest considering a conflict that is much more fundamental and profound than racial conflict: class conflict. Capitalism, despite the high standard of living in most European and North American countries, has never lost its slave-owning essence, inherited from earlier forms of social organization. The tension lies not only in the infamous growing gap between the rich and the poor, but

There is no racism. There is capitalism. But our limitations and shortsightedness prevent us from demanding its cessation. And it’s a shame.

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