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“Первая Мировая Истерия”

It is no secret to anyone that the coronavirus epidemic is an artificially created hysteria that has nothing to do with viruses or epidemics, and its authors pursue goals completely unrelated to protecting our health on a global scale. I may be mistaken, but are you sure that the situation is exactly as they tell us in Kommersant and Voice of America? Then you can stop reading, it will be uninteresting. But if you, like me, do not believe in mass psychosis and would like to understand its true causes, let’s try.

I cannot confidently say whether there is a viral infection COVID-19 or not, because I am not an expert. I assume that it exists alongside other viruses, influenzas, viral pneumonias, and other enemies of humanity that have been living with us for millions of years. However, I seriously doubt that this particular virus is as widespread and as dangerous as it is presented to be.

I have no (and cannot have) evidence, but the main conspiracy clue is the astonishing accuracy of the provided statistics. Despite international tension, the East-West confrontation, and just general laziness and disorganization of programmers (which I know for sure due to my job), the WHO manages to collect data on the infected, deceased, and recovered with amazing precision, down to individual people, from all corners of the planet, including Iran (which was recently planned to be destroyed), Venezuela (which was recently subjected to sanctions), Russia, China, and 150+ other countries. It is simply impossible to achieve such accuracy technically or organizationally. The conclusion suggests itself: the numbers are not collected, they are fabricated. Therefore, someone needs this. Let’s figure out who.

I have several versions:

  • Economy. Economists believe that only the dynamics of the development of an economic activity subject, be it a restaurant or a state, in which rises are followed by falls, is natural and harmonious, and this happens predictably and periodically. The economy cannot constantly grow and should not. And if it does grow, then expect an inevitable collapse at a moment when no one predicts it. Therefore, in order to avoid such a collapse, it is necessary to occasionally cool down the global economy. The reason for this may be a collapse of certain investment tools or, for example, an epidemic. The coronavirus is a controlled cooling of the economy, after which a new wave of growth will occur.

  • Revolution. As mentioned earlier, those who control the global economy are not afraid of wars, epidemics, famines, or tsunamis. They fear the uprising of those who work for them — us, you and me. The revolution of 1917 and the subsequent rapid economic and military development of the USSR demonstrated the threatening reality of the communist threat. In order to prevent a repeat of these events and not lose the capitals accumulated over years of exploiting the working class, capitalists need to be prepared for retaliatory actions in the event of uprisings, revolutions, and riots. Organized global measures in response to a fabricated epidemic serve as training for mass control tools. Within a few weeks, using only mass media, they were able to significantly slow down the global economy and confine people to their homes. I am certain that we can expect many more similar mass actions that help test the ability to manage billions of people without leaving offices in Manhattan.

  • China. Since the collapse of Bolshevik ideas in the 1950s, the balance of power in global politics has shifted towards the United States, and with the final destruction of the USSR in 1991, it disappeared, and the world became unipolar with Washington as its center. However, the surviving Chinese People’s Republic, which emerged from the collapse of these ideas, has in recent years sought to become an alternative pole, which has caused economic and political repercussions, and even criminal anger from the planet’s owner. By making China the spreader of global infection, it is possible to significantly damage both the reputation and the economy of the PRC (for example, by canceling a trillion external debt)).

I’m sure there are other versions, but theories about “chipping” and vaccination seem unfounded and meaningless to me.

Write in the comments, let’s discuss.

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